Click to enlarge16" Tiki AKUA KAI Replica
 Made of ACACIA Wood 
 Provenance: KONA 
Original: Pitt-Rivers Museum

This is a vintage Tiki replica made of premium Acacia KOA WOOD... Not too many Tikis are made of this wood because of a price increase over the years. The Tiki God is AKUA - tiki of strength.

This is a superb wood sculpture with great imagination, skill and respect for the beauty and natural lines of the wood.

The original sculpture is the only one of its kind in the world and is now part of a priceless collection of the Bishop Museum, Honolulu. Today it is considered by experts to be the largest and finest of this class of portable image.

ORIGINAL: Pitt-Rivers Museum


It would be perfect for a tropical decorating theme or as a sculpture to add some drama to your tiki bar or luau. A beautiful piece of Hawaiiana and Oceanic Art. Place this impressive statue by you front door to greet your guests and to protect your home with it's POWERFUL PRESENCE.

Manifestations of Mana are what Polynesian sculptors' desire most, and Mana is not easy to define. It is most commonly defined as "power" but it also means dignity, serenity. It sometimes means bravery and often implies humor and pride. But there is no evil, no cruelty in Mana.

Also a great gift idea with MUCH ALOHA...

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16" Tiki AKUA - Museum Replica - Made of ACACIA Wood - Provenance: KONA Original: BISHOP MUSEUM, Hawaii
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