Click to enlarge39" Tiki Totem Hawaiian Statue
Acaia Wood Carving
Polynesian Sculpture
Outdoor Garden Art

This is a hand carved Tiki depicting Ku, Tiki of strength but also Kanaloa, Tiki of the ocean, fishing and abundance. This Tiki totem has also a double meaning, love and prosperity, which can be distinguised by the set of eyes going upward and downward. This Totem pole measures 39 inches (over 3-foot) tall and 9 inches thick. Made of premium Acacia wood.

This Polynesian statue would be perfect for a tropical decor theme indoors or as garden art.

Protect your home with it's POWERFUL PRESENCE and let it greet your guests with aloha...

Shipping Cost to Continental US: $88.50. Please contact us for other locations.

39" Ocean and Strength Tiki Totem. Hand Carved in Hawaii. Polynesian Sculpture. Tropical Decor
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