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By Master Tiki Carver Ricardo Brazil 
Polynesian Wall hanging
South seas, Oceanic Art

These masks are hand made and carved by San Diego Master Carver Ricardo Brazil. Ricardo Brazil is one of the best artists and carvers in the world. The back is engraved with his name.

Oasis 2 log


40" x 9" Tiki Mask, Made by Ricardo Brazil.

Made of palm leaf.

Dimensions are approximate, these are one of a kind and no two palm fronds are the same.

They are absolutely amazing masks! The Jaw hangs by ropes, the eyes sparkle and it has a realism effect where you almost feel it is alive. A little creepy...

Additional Comments:

* Whether or not statues have hypnotic powers that can protect us from the world of the spirit is hard to prove, but this hand carved statue is intriguing...Each of our Tikis have been carefully crafted by an experienced artist and will have subtle differences from the one displayed in the photograph.

* Same Day Shipping on this product does not apply. These are one of a kind made by Ricardo, not mass produced. Depending on available we may have to carve your tiki when you order.

LARGE Pierce in Forehead by Master Tiki Carver Ricardo Brazil
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