Click to enlargeHawaiian Koa Ground Breaking Stick 
70" O'o Bar / Stick 
Polynesian Carving
Indoor / Outdoor Tropical Decor

Here is a traditional Hawaiian ground breaking stick also known as O'o stick. This Koa stick is used for groundbreaking tradition; made 100% of Koa wood it is also a great piece of art. The O'o stick measures 70 inches in length.

* Koa groundbreaking stick also known as O'o sticks

* Wood: koa from the Big Island

* Size: 70" X 2"

* Included: mounted custom brass plate (please allow extra time)

According to archeologists, the tiki god statues were a symbol of power, both religious and political to the Polynesian Islands. The large teeth and powerful presence is believed to ward off evil spirits.

For centuries, tiki statues have been a form of communication across all cultures. They replicate human nature and depict a part of what we all are. In Polynesian culture it is believed that the tiki god was within the spirit of the statue. Whether statues have hypnotic powers that can protect us from the world of the spirits is intriguing... this is certainly a very dramatic piece.

This substantial Koa piece would be great for any tropical decor theme. Also perfect for your tiki bar or luau to add a Polynesian atmosphere! It would appeal to the tiki collector who is interested in Polynesian Culture and Oceanic Art. It's presence says to visitors: this guy digs this crazy art!

Also a wonderful gift idea with MUCH ALOHA!

Shipping Cost to Continental US: $36.50. Please contact us for other locations.

Hawaiian Koa Ground Breaking Stick - 70" O'o Bar
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