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Details about each thatch panel: Weight: 6 lbs. Height: approx. 4 feet (usually more!) Width: approx. 4 feet (usually more!) Hand woven out of Palm Leaf Thatch, also known as Rain Cape thatch. You will receive 24 thatch sheets.

Thatch panels and rolls are constructed by taking natural palm leaves, making them into strips and then curing them. They are then woven into what we call thatch to make a number of different products like panels or rolls.

Determining How Much Thatch

If using the 30" x 57 ft rolls, a good rule of thumb, although not exact, is to take the total square footage to be covered and double it (for a double layer of thatch). Each roll measures about 114 square feet (excluding the fringe), so divide the total by 114 and then add 10 or 15% for overlapping and overhang. The result is the approximate number of rolls needed for your project.

Cutting the Thatch

Thatch rolls and panels can be cut to fit any size and shape tiki hut or bar. Our thatch aare hand woven with a knot and weave pattern, this allows you to cut the thatch, horizontal, vertical or diagonal without unraveling the final product. If you need to trim off any excess overhang, this should be done from the knotted side. Determine the amount to cut and follow a uniform or straight line along the knotted pattern. This will render a finished and layered look from the outside (unknotted side).

Attaching the Thatch

There are several ways to attach the thatch to the roof. The prefered method should be done with a staple gun and galvanized staples. Depending on the sub roof, meaning the thickness of plywood the recommended staples should be 1/2 to 3/4. If your structure is seasonal, and you plan on removing the top for winter storage, zip lock ties are the best alternative for attachement. This, will allow you to remove the thatch with little to no damage to the material.

Thatching is great for a tropical theme in your tiki bar or luau, or to create an island atmosphere in a room. Transform you patio or pool area into the tropical paradise you've always longed for! This is THE REAL THING! Get yours today!

Shipping Cost to Continental US: $88.50. Please contact us for other locations.

4 x 4 (24 SHEETS) Palm leaf thatch panels, Hawaiian Braided roof tiki bar cover, thatching panels.
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